Our Story

Hi there, and welcome to Taică Crew! I'm Claire Wixom-Davis, the owner and founder, and my crew is made up of my husband, Robert and my two boys.

If you're wondering where on earth the word Taică comes from, I promise, you're not the only one. Taică is a Romanian word, pronounced: Tie-ka, which means Daddy. This shop was inspired by those two things: one, fatherhood and two, my husband's experiences while living in Romania with the many orphans and orphanages he encountered and helped with. 

Back in the Fall of 2016 I had many experiences that led me to dream up this shop, and it has been in the making ever since. At the time I only had one son, and a husband who spent 14 hours a day, 6 days a week at the medical school building. My son craved connection with his dad and would be ecstatic if they were both wearing belts because "they matched". At the same time I was also watching our recently widowed close friend and his daughter try and form a new kind of bond. I searched high and low for matching boys and men's ties or hair bows and ties for our friend, with none to be found. 

I came to the conclusion that far too often, fathers can be overlooked and often miss connections with their children. Our mission here at Taică Crew is to strengthen family ties (I can never miss a good pun!), no matter what the family looks like. We believe that fathers deserve to have the magical and the messy parts of parenthood, just as much as the other parent. No matter what your family situation looks like, my goal with Taică Crew Crew is to help families feel connected and bonded through the magical and messy parts of childhood and parenthood.

Thanks for stopping by!